Join Our Youth Advisory Board


Clinical Coordinator of UpStreet

Join Our Youth Advisory Board

Are you passionate about youth mental health?

Do you want to create change in the way mental health services are delivered and accessed by young people?

Do you represent a diversity of race, gender, ability, socio-economic status, and sexual orientation?

Are you between the ages of 15 and 22?

What are Youth Advisory Board members expected to do?

Attend monthly meetings

Develop outreach strategies and materials

Represent UpStreet at community events

Advocate and build awareness of youth mental health in the Pittsburgh community

Contribute to UpStreet’s social media presence

Collaborate on the design and appearance of UpStreet

Maintain contact with UpStreet staff and other board members connected to mental wellness

To apply, fill out this application.

Why Should You Join the Youth Advisory Board?

” If you have a passion for mental health services, specifically those that are equitably distributed and like meeting like minded individuals and continuing activism.” ~Abby Rickin-Marks, current youth advisor

Serving on the Youth Advisory Board is a great opportunity for anyone who is passionate about mental health and making services more accessible. Change starts with those who are eager to learn and want to make a difference, and the Youth Advisory Board provides the perfect platform for this!” ~ Sammie Seewald, current youth advisor

“If you’re passionate about mental health-or are interested in developing that passion and becoming an advocate-and want to make an impact on local teens’ mental health, then the board is the right place for you!” ~Asha Edson, current youth advisor

“I think if someone wants to be a student advocate for mental health and make an impact to make sure all teens have access to affordable mental health services, they should join the youth advisory board.” ~Erin Klein, current youth advisor


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