Different ways a pet can help

Alliyah Kimbrough
Adolescent and Young Adult Psychotherapist

Different ways a pet can help

If you have a pet at home, they can be a great way to help you! Having or using pets at home has become a great way to help adults and children! Oftentimes our animals have a way of knowing when we need them, take advantage of being able to use them, especially dogs or cats! Dogs specifically are able to understand and pick up on tone of voice, body language and gestures and will want to help if they can. Playing with, petting, hugging or even just laying with a pet can rapidly calm and soothe you while stressed or anxious and increase levels of serotonin and dopamine.

Different ways a pet can help;

  • Increase exercise and play
  • Reduce anxiety and sensory overload
  • Decrease stress
  • Release emotions
  • Provide companionship, decrease loneliness
  • Add structure and routine
  • Help meet new people and build relationships
  • Build confidence and independence
  • Boost mood, decrease depression
  • Help build positive self esteem
  • Teach responsibility

Each pet is different and requires a different level of care, making sure you have the right amount of time and space to take on a responsibility! It can be a very rewarding but also long process. It’s also a great way to help build bonds and relationships with your animal. Some animals can be trained to be assistance to certain medical or mental diagnosis.


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