Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is a chance for a young adult to get support from an older peer. At UpStreet, our text-message based peer mentoring program makes it easy for teens to support each other. 

Sound like a program you would be interested in? Apply to join the Peer Mentoring Program! 

About Peer Mentoring 

UpStreet’s Peer Mentoring program matches mentors, (youth ages 17-22) with mentees (younger peers ages 12-16)  to build supportive text messaging-based mentoring relationships. Research shows that peer mentoring is beneficial for both mentor and mentees, and we’re excited to support youth in making these connections! 

Interested in being a mentor?

Looking for an opportunity to gain new skills, build community, and support a younger teen who may be dealing with struggles you’ve been through? Apply to be a Peer Mentor with UpStreet!

*Must be between the ages of 17-22*

Interested in being a mentee?

Are you or a young teen you know looking for extra support? Want to talk to someone close in age who gets it? Apply to be a Peer Mentee with UpStreet!

*Must be between the ages of 12-16*

Jess Gold

Jess Gold

Mentoring and Outreach Coordinator

JFCS Youth Services

About UpStreet

UpStreet is a teen mental wellness program offered by JFCS Youth Services that provides drop-in consultations with therapists, scheduled therapy appointments, text-based peer support, and support groups for teens.

UpStreet aims to reduce the stigma of seeking mental health support, to avoid escalation of symptoms to a crisis stage, and enhance teens’ quality of life.

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