Benefits of Deep Breathing

Melissa Beldjenna
Learn and Earn Intern

Benefits of Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is one of the best exercises to relax because you are sending a message to the brain to calm down and then to the body to feel relaxed. Breathing deeply clears out negative or confused feelings, releases carbon dioxide, increases oxygen supply, and improves blood quality. When you are feeling afraid, nervous, stressed or in pain, breathe deeply and purposefully, and try to visualize those tensions getting released as you breathe out.        

Physical & emotional benefits of deep breathing exercises:

  • Releases 70% of toxins simply by breathing properly. 
  • Relieves emotional distress. 
  • Improves your blood. 
  • Releases tension. 
  • Eases your pain.
  • Elevates your mood, and increases pleasure-inducing chemicals in your body.

How to properly breath to feel relaxed 

  • Count to 5. Inhale through your nose, expand your belly and feel your body being filled with healing energy.
  • Hold and count to 3. Feel the healing energy cycle through your body.
  • Exhale completely with a slightly open mouth, envision the toxins and negativities leaving your body count to 5.
  • Repeat until you are completely relaxed.  

Deep breathing is one of the best ways to get your mind relaxed and free from tensions. Therefore, use it- and you’ll feel better.


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