Karuna Neupaney
Learn and Earn Intern

10 Apps to Help With Your Mental Health

Your mental health is as important as your physical health and deserves to be taken care of just as much. There are a lot of apps that help with improving this issue such as MyLife Meditation or Calm. While apps can help improve your mental health, they cannot help with more serious issues on their own–but they can be a great place to start. Getting in the habit of treating yourself better is just the beginning of something great and will help you in the long run.

Calm- Meditation and Sleep Stories

Headspace- Stress less, Relax, Sleep

MyLife Meditation- Meditate, Relax, & Sleep Well

Fabulous- Daily Routine Planner- Healthy Habits Tracker

Insight Timer- Meditation App- Meditation for Sleep & Anxiety

#Mindful- Motivation Widget- Daily Mindfulness Affirmations

Reflectly- Journal & AI Diary- Mood Tracker & Daily Quotes

Smiling Mind- Meditation for All Ages

I Am- Daily Affirmations- Manifest Motivation Reminders

Way of Life- Habit Tracker- Build a Better, Stronger You

These apps help with motivation, mediation, and mindfulness, so you can feel the best you can throughout the day. Your mental health matters, so if you are struggling, reach out to a trusted friend, family, or website like us here at UpStreet. It is imperative to take care of yourself, especially in times when you’re not feeling your best.