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Writing for Wellness

Do you feel like part of your story remains untold inside you?  Is there something you’ve been thinking about, going through, or worrying about that you want to share but don’t know how or with whom? Writing can be an incredibly helpful outlet. It’s a way to give voice to thoughts, feelings, experiences, or challenges you haven’t shared before. Just the act of writing or typing these things out can be helpful. For one, it gets the thoughts out of your head. Now they exist somewhere else and that in itself can provide some relief. Also, if you were to share your writing with others they might benefit from what you’ve written. There is an anonymous blog that exists for this exact purpose. 

SOVA (Supporting Our Valued Adolescents) is a research project from the University of Pittsburgh that features anonymous posts from teens and young adults with a history of depression or anxiety. Recent topics include what a senior year has been like during COVID , why being stressed out or feeling anxious makes it hard to remember things and tips to improve your sleep

If you think you have something to share and are interested in blogging for the site, go to to learn more! And, you will earn some money for posting blogs and commenting on other posts on the site.