Erin Barr

Clinical Coordinator of UpStreet

What Are 100 People Chatting About? 


This week we reached a milestone at UpStreet. And, just as we would encourage you to do in your own lives, we like to acknowledge and celebrate milestones of all sizes. So here goes….

We’ve reached 100! One hundred supportive conversations we’ve had through our live chat. Are you curious about what we’ve talked about 100 times? We were too. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve been talking about.


  • Struggling with grades
  • Lacking motivation
  • Frustration with technology
  • Not being able to focus


  • Break-ups
  • Questions about whether or not to break up
  • Being lied to by a significant other and what to do about it

Anxiety and Depression

  • Concerns about the future
  • Feeling lonely or isolated
  • Social anxiety
  • Feeling sad


  • Parents having different plans for your future than you
  • Dealing with what feels like unrealistic expectations from parents
  • How to talk to parents about your mental health 
  • Feeling like parents don’t take your concerns seriously


  • Coming out to family and friends
  • Preferred pronouns not being used by family/friends/teachers
  • Where to find support 

So that’s what’s been going on over at the live chat. What’s been going on with you? Come chat with us and let us know. We’re there Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 2pm – 10pm.