Red Flags in a Relationship


Red Flags in a Relationship

Being in a relationship can be such an amazing experience. However, not all relationships are this way. Here are some things to pay attention to so you can differentiate between red and green flags. You know yourself best, so if you feel like something is a red flag – listen to yourself.

Green Flags – remember you should feel your best when you are in a relationship. These relationship qualities can indicate that you are in a healthy, respectful relationship!

  • You have equal boundaries and respect 
  • You can trust them
  • You can be yourself comfortably
  • They allow space for you
  • They encourage, empower and celebrate you

Orange Flags – if you notice these orange flags, it could be a good time to try having a conversation with your partner about how you are feeling. Remember communication is so important in relationships! 

  • They aren’t happy for you
  • You can’t have a different opinion
  • They make mean jokes about you
  • They don’t make you feel good
  • They have unreasonable expectations/enmeshment

Red Flags – if you are noticing your relationship is like this it could be time to have a conversation with your partner.

  • You can’t trust them
  • They can’t be wrong and get defensive
  • They dismiss your feelings
  • Your boundaries are repeatedly violated
  • The relationship is all about them


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