Do I Have a Mental Health Disorder?


Do I Have A Mental Health Disorder?

You may have found yourself Googling “What’s wrong with me?” or “Do I have a mental health disorder?” or searching for a quiz on the internet to help you figure out why you’re feeling the way you do. 

Whether you’re curious about something you heard on TikTok, concerned about recent eating habits, or just feeling really off from your normal self, an online assessment can be just the first step in getting help and feeling more like yourself again. 

Some of the best online assessment tools are Mental Health America’s tests, which can be useful in helping you understand if the symptoms and feelings you are experiencing may indicate a mental health concern and how to communicate what you’re experiencing to a mental health professional so they can help with a proper diagnosis and treatment. This test also helps you understand the resources available to you if you’re in the middle of a mental health crisis or if you need help following up with a professional.

If you’re interested in taking this online assessment, here’s what to do. 

1. Head to Mental Health America’s screening tool page to see their list of available online tests.
Go now >

2. Choose the test that you feel is most appropriate for the symptoms you’re experiencing. If you’re not sure, start with Depression or Anxiety and go from there.

3. Answer each question honestly to get the best diagnostic information in your results.

4. Once you receive your results, you can view specific articles and resources related to your possible diagnosis to learn more. If you need to talk to someone right away, call one of the hotlines or warmlines listed on the site.

5. Finally, connect with a mental health professional to seek out an official diagnosis and professional treatment. For anyone ages 12-22, you can chat with one of our therapists on our website and let them know what you’re experiencing. We’ll help you get resources and schedule an appointment or get a referral to another service provider.

Regardless of what any online assessment says, if you’re concerned that you’re experiencing mental or emotional symptoms that are out of the ordinary, the best thing you can do is talk to a mental health professional! UpStreet therapists are available to talk on our site Monday through Friday, 9am-8pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 2pm-10pm. We can help you get the resources you need in the moment, plus connect you to services to help you in the future. 

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