Could You Benefit from Having a Peer Mentor?

Joy Givens

Peer Mentoring Program Specialist

Could You Benefit from Having a Peer Mentor?

Let’s face it—being a teenager can be tough even when there isn’t a pandemic. Sometimes, you might feel like no one understands what you’re going through, or like you’re alone in dealing with a problem. Your feelings and experiences might be difficult to talk about, even with a family member or trusted friend. 

On top of that challenge, the isolation and loss of routine over the past year have kept many teens from their normal activities and social lives. With all the changes and struggles of the past year, you might find it helpful to rely on someone who has recently faced tough times similar to yours. That’s when a Peer Mentor can make a difference.

Peer Mentoring means building a relationship with a supportive peer who is a little older than you, someone who can relate to your experiences and provide ongoing encouragement in a confidential, judgment-free environment. And Peer Mentoring doesn’t have to be time consuming or stressful. In fact, through the new text-message-based program UpStreet is launching this spring, you can connect with a Peer Mentor from anywhere, with nothing more than your phone!

When you connect with a Peer Mentor, you’re clearing a path to your own future by relying on a guide who’s just a step or two farther down the road. An older family member can share the wisdom of their experience, and a good friend can certainly sympathize with you, but a strong Peer Mentoring relationship can do both!

In particular, if you’ve found confidence or motivation to be a challenge lately, having someone ready to cheer you on and talk you through difficult times can make all the difference. And with communication by text, UpStreet’s Peer Mentoring program is simple and flexible to use.

If exchanging text messages with a supportive, non-judgmental peer sounds doable to you, and if you’d like to find a way to build your own confidence and support, then connecting with a Peer Mentor might be a great fit for you! UpStreet’s new Peer Mentoring program is accepting applications for Mentees right now, so don’t delay. Follow the link below if you’d like to find out more! 

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